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HVADC launches COVID-19 Farm-Fresh Food Access Directory

May 1, 2020

How to support local Agriculture and food producers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to support local Agriculture and food producers during the COVID-19 Pandemic  

In the relatively short time that the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed itself on life in the Hudson Valley, our farmers and local food producers have risen to the occasion to support and feed our community. Offering new service and distribution options, implementing safe and hygienic food handling practices, and embracing online sales like never before, agricultural businesses have been working tirelessly to adapt.  

To support their important work, Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation (HVADC) has launched a COVID-19 Farm-Fresh Food Access Directory cataloging many of the farms and producers HVADC partners with and noting all the important changes they have added to their operations during the COVID-19 crisis. The listings include details on which businesses now offer online ordering, pickup, delivery, and other accommodations. Farms and food makers are organized by county, making it easy for consumers to directly review what is available in their area.  

“It’s heartening but certainly no surprise to see the Hudson Valley’s agribusiness community step up to find new ways to do what they do best - feed us.” Said HVADC Executive Director Todd Erling. “Their resilience is inspiring and they deserve our support now more than ever.”  

Buying directly from the neighboring farms, food producers, farm stands, and markets locally, right now provides consumers with direct access to high quality food, without having to visit high-traffic, picked over, chain grocery stores. These purchases also support local businesses, many of which are also then supporting those most impacted by the crisis, with donations to organizations fighting food scarcity such as FeedHV.     

Farmers’ markets have become a huge part of Hudson Valley culture and are one of the most important points of sale for farmers and local small businesses.  Currently, most regional markets are still operating as essential businesses. With many operating outdoors, farmers markets are reasonable alternatives to the Supermarket during the crisis. Preordering from farms and picking up at the market is a great way to support the market and farms while limiting exposure.

Even local local distilleries are finding new ways to help. Hudson Valley Distillers, Cooper’s Daughter and others have begun producing hand sanitizer that meets FDA guidelines. It’s an example of how though ingenuity and perseverance local producers find a way to support the community.    

Along with the HVADC directory, a number of other great online resources have been created to help shoppers locate farm-fresh food during the crisis. Some sites also offer additional information about other ways to support farms and feed the hungry. Resources provided by the following organizations include: Scenic Hudson’s Farm Food Directory, Columbia Land Conservancy, Columbia County Food, Rondout Valley Growers, Hudson Valley Magazine’s open market list, Bershire Grown,, Skidmore Collage and Cornell Cooperative Extension.  

The HVADC COVID-19 Farm-Fresh Food Access Directory also offers consumers tips on how they may support local agriculture, such as:  

  • Look Close to Home: find the farms and purveyors in your immediate community. Inquire directly with your neighboring businesses to see what’s available and the most responsible way to shop. Supporting the businesses in your own back yard helps maintain the diversity of local agriculture across the region and you’ll be surprised how much of your shopping you can get done in your town.  

  • Shop Online: Many regional farms and food producers already had or recently launched online ordering platforms. Using these systems to access farm fresh food reduces personal interactions and is actually incredibly convenient. Many businesses now offer curbside pickup for preorders and even delivery.  

  • Become a CSA member: Prepaying for a Community Supported Agriculture share has always been a great way to support local farms at the financially strenuous beginning of the planting season. The benefits to you and the farm are even greater now.   

HVADC is inspired by the work of local farms and food producers during this crisis. As the pandemic reshapes our economy, the lessons learned will not be forgotten and will surely lead to improved and more versatile services across the food system.  

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