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The Hudson Valley has long been known as a fertile haven for agriculture; blessed with rich soils, rolling landscapes, a bountiful water supply, and direct access to metropolitan markets. Like many regions across America, population increases and development pressures are challenging the future of agriculture.


The current trend in modern agriculture reflects an unprecedented demand for regional products. NYS alone boasts an estimated $7 billion unmet demand for locally produced food and beverage, while the Hudson Valley has an unmet demand of $335 million. These numbers demonstrate the importance of increased support and assistance to our local farms, as well as refined infrastructure development for our local food system. There exists ample opportunity for Hudson Valley farms to bridge this gap by expanding production operations, partnering with distribution hubs to improve access to the market, and by diversifying products through value-added assistance programs and local co-packing services.


Established as a nonprofit in 2007, Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation (HVADC) is dedicated to promoting balanced, market-based solutions that lead to enhanced agricultural entrepreneurship, rural economic growth, and community enhancement. HVADC commits tireless energy and resources to encourage and assist agricultural producers in becoming active participants in the growing market. Since its inception, HVADC has assisted over 290 businesses with a wide range of individualized services such as business development, financial planning, and market readiness preparation, and has expanded its network of farms, restaurants, and producers to over 600 businesses and counting.


HVADC continues to be a regional leader of agricultural development and strives to enhance the vital connection between land and food throughout the Hudson Valley.

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