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HVADC presents a series of six workshops and associated on-farm seminars to explore business opportunities in the sheep industry.

The curriculum will emphasize breed selection suited to the local land, product development suited to the local market, and sheep-farm mentors available to assist with dairying, wool development, meat market development; we will also provide the needed business expertise to help new sheep farmers master the balancing act of serving all three market segments within their farm management plan.This training is aimed specifically at the beginning farmers and/or current farmers who are interested in building a profitable sheep enterprise.

Training objectives:

Together with our experts you’ll be learning about and exploring

  • the regulatory environment,

  • appropriate breed characteristics,

  • market opportunities for sheep products,

  • collaborating with other cheese makers, and

  • the realistic profit potential of a sheep business.

Educational classes and on-farm seminars:

1.  Know the Direct-to-Consumer Local Market

2.  Select the Best Breed

3.  Understand the Local Market Segments for Meat

4.  Explore Fiber Opportunities

5.  Run a Successful Sheep Dairying Business

6.  Learn about Public Sector Program Assistance

Funding for HVADC’s Local Lamb Lessons made possible with a 

grant from the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center

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