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Get on the Fast Track to Accessing Capital and Discovering New Market Opportunities

You have the vision. You may even have the plan. You want to see your business grow, but how do you make it happen–and happen quickly? How do you expand your business and propel it into a viable and sustainable business model? It takes a thoughtful blend of business and financial planning, management, marketing, capacity building, and most importantly – access to capital.

The HVADC Farm and Food Funding Accelerator (FFFA) is an intensive mentoring and training program for Hudson Valley farmers and food entrepreneurs seeking to scale their business, gain access to capital, and build sales. Over the course of six to eight months, participants engage in a series of one-on-one mentoring sessions, group interaction and industry networking events to learn how to talk to investors, discover new market opportunities, and pitch to potential funders. Since.2018 three classes of FFFA Peers have completed the program, representing 28 businesses.

There is not currently a FFFA class in session, but check back for future scheduling.

Business technical assistance for farms and food businesses

Get on the fast track to accessing capital and discovering new market opportunities

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