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HVADC Client Update: Murray's Chicken

May 15, 2022

As a processor, Murray’s Chicken in Fallsburg New York is not just dedicated to the quality of the chicken they source from nearby Pennsylvania farms.

As a processor, Murray’s Chicken in Fallsburg New York is not just dedicated to the quality of the chicken they source from nearby Pennsylvania farms. They are also passionate about the care and treatment of the animals brought through their facility and the stewardship of their natural surroundings. That’s why Hudson Valley AgrBusiness Development Corporation (HVADC) was proud to assist Murray’s in obtaining a $100,000 loan towards the completion of major upgrades. 

Murray’s is a successful, established and growing business, but when the company was looking build a new, more humane and eco-friendly poultry barn, current market conditions made it very difficult for the producer to secure funding from traditional lenders. 

Murray’s owner Murray Bresky started raising chickens on his family’s farm as a boy and his passion for handling poultry the right way has been a lifelong endeavor. He has been providing USDA-inspected Halal and Kosher chickens to New York area supermarkets and restaurants throughout the Northeast since 1993. 

To that end, Murray’s designed a new project that includes the building of a covered lairage for poultry housing, with piping necessary to collect animal waste to avoid potential infiltration of storm water as required by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. While Murray’s is a regional standout in the industry, due to a variety of factors, including its Humane Farm Animal Care (HFC) certification, eco-packaging and  farm verification labeling, the company was struggling to find financing for the project through commercial lenders. Luckily the Sullivan County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) stepped up to provide a $100,000 loan and HVADC is providing a $100,000 loan for working capital through the HVADC Agribusiness Loan Fund.

“Murray’s is a great operation focused on processing chicken the right way; humanly, ethically, and in an environmentally responsible way” said Mary Ann Johnson, HVADC Deputy Director. “They were fabulous to work with. They knew what they needed and we just helped them make it happen.” 

“The birds aren’t here terribly long,” said Dean Koplik, Chief Operating Office at Murray’s. “But when they are here we want them to be in a more stress free environment. We are certified humane because it’s the best way to treat the animals but also when a bird gets stressed it affects the taste. The new building just fits everything we are.”

The new building will be able to house six trailer loads of live chickens and provide the animals with cooling in warmer months and heating in colder seasons. 

“Mary Ann was super. The back and forth we had with HVADC on the details was great,” Koplik said.

Now Murray’s is waiting to complete the signoff process with the town to begin construction. The new facility isn’t the only upgrade the company is undertaking however. Koplik said Murray’s is always trying to improve at every level. They are building a new improved break room for their over 300 employees and are in the midst of bringing top-of-the-line systems to the facility. Koplik says they are also looking into being the first company in the U.S. with an automated giblet harvesting system. 

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