Past Projects

Ronnybrook Farm 

In 2010, owner Rick Osofsky approached Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corporation (HVADC) and the Incubator Without Walls initiative for assistance with their plans to modernize and improve their bottling line capabilities. . HVADC was able to identify a funding source that allowed for the purchase and lease of a critical piece of equipment for the bottling line. Developing this creative lease-to-own solution allowed Ronnybrook to make the needed investment without overburdening its financial position.


Working through an expansion project for any business is never easy, but add the complications associated with a food business, and the hurdles become very challenging. As Ronnybrook began to plan an expansion of their production line, they again reached out to HVADC for some guidance. HVADC was able to connect the Osofskys with a dairy processing consultant who visited the farm several times. He was able to provide expert advice and suggestions for the layout, piping and additional equipment for the value-added products including yogurts, butters, and drinkable yogurts through multiple site visits and walk-throughs with Rick and the staff. This guidance allowed Ronnybrook to scale their operations effectively and efficiently.


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