Other Programs

New York State Programs & Organizations 

Bridging the Gap: www.SchoolMealsHubNY.org

Bridging the Gap is a program that helps give children breakfast after the bell. Hunger is a pervasive issue that 1 in 5 New York State children face everyday which has a profound impact on their physical, emotional and mental development. The benefits of school breakfast cannot be understated. School breakfast protects children against the impact of hunger, improves students’ academic performance, and supports children’s overall health.


New York Farm Bureau: http://www.nyfb.org/

Farm Bureau is a non-governmental, volunteer organization financed and controlled by families for the purpose of solving economic and public policy issues challenging the agriculture industry.


New York FarmNet: http://www.nyfarmnet.org/

New York FarmNet was established in 1986 to provide farm families with a network of information, contacts and services that are uniquely suited to the financial and personal challenges of agricultural business management.


New York FarmLink: http://nyfarmnet.org/farmlink/new-york-farmlink

FarmLink provides educational resources, consulting, and opportunities that enable more farms to be transferred and joint ventures to be developed for the economic enhancement of New York State agriculture.


Farmers Market Federation of New York: http://www.nyfarmersmarket.com/

The Farmers’ Market Federation of New York is a grassroots, membership organization of farmers’ market managers, market sponsors, farmers and market supporters. Together, we have developed a spectrum of services to increase the number and capacity of farmers’ markets in the state, develop the scope of professionalism in farmers’ market management and improve the ability of markets to serve their farmers, their consumers and their host communities.


New York Farm Viability Institute: http://www.nyfvi.org/

The New York Farm Viability Institute is a farmer-led nonprofit organization that provides grant funding to applied research and outreach education projects that help farms increase profits and provide models for other farms.


New York Market Maker: http://ny.foodmarketmaker.com/

An interactive mapping system that locates businesses and markets of agricultural products in New York, providing an important link between producers and consumers.


NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets: http://www.agriculture.ny.gov/

The mission of the Department of Ag and Markets is to foster a competitive food and agriculture industry that benefits producers and consumers alike. Agriculture makes up one-quarter of the State’s land area and contributes immensely to the quality of life in New York State by generating economic activity and producing wholesome products to nourish our families.


Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA): http://www.nofany.org/

NOFA-NY is an organization of consumers, gardeners and farmers creating a sustainable regional food system which is ecologically sound and economically viable.


Pride of New York: http://www.prideofny.com/

The Pride of New York Program was developed to promote and support the sale of agricultural products grown and food products processed within New York State. The Program’s growing membership now includes farmers and processors, retailers, distributors, restaurants and related culinary and support associations - all working together to bring you wholesome, quality New York State products.


TasteNy: http://taste.ny.gov/

TasteNY is a program initiated by Governor Cuomo to promote NY’s burgeoning food and beverage industry. TasteNY opens up new markets for farmers, beverage producers, and other merchants across the state through retail stores, events and a searchable online database of New York products.


Watershed Agricultural Council: http://www.nycwatershed.org/

The Watershed Agricultural Council (also known as “WAC” or “the Council”) works with farm and forest landowners in the New York City Watershed region to protect water quality on behalf of nine million New York residents.


Northern New York Agricultural Development Program: http://www.nnyagdev.org/

The Northern New York Agricultural Development Program is a farmer-driven initiative to ensure the long term economic vitality of Northern NY’s agricultural production sector and agriculture’s important contributions to the protection and enhancement of the region’s environment and rich natural resource base and to communities in Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties.