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News & Press Releases

1,200 Pounds of Trout Donated to Regional Food Pantries

October 2, 2021

About 1,200 pounds of locally raised steelhead trout are being donated to six food assistance agencies in Greene and Columbia counties to feed those in need. The farm-raised trout is being donated by Hudson Valley Fisheries through FeedHV, a program that aims to take surpluses from regional food producers and route them to food pantries in the Hudson Valley.

The at-cost purchase of the trout was funded by local conservationist group Scenic Hudson....READ MORE

USDA Business Technical Assistance Organizational Sign-on Letter

May 27, 2021

Click Here to Read Letter

HVADC Receives $2.6 Million Grant to Support Lending in 

Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Sullivan and Ulster Counties

May 17, 2021

Click Here to Read Release

Rep. Delgado Selected Chair of House Agriculture Subcommittee

February 8, 2021

“As we work to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, the policies of the CEEC Subcommittee are critical to our farms and food businesses in the Hudson Valley and rural communities across our nation,” said Todd Erling, Executive Director of the Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corporation. “We look forward to the opportunities that will be created as Rep. Delgado Chairs the CEEC in supporting the rebuilding of rural communities by prioritizing issues from economic development to infrastructure and energy. Leadership and action of the CEEC will cultivate growth for our farms and rural communities to prosper."...READ MORE

Network Feeds Hungry and Prevents Waste

February 5, 2021

The Feed HV Community Food Network team is on a mission to make sure no food goes to waste with a network of volunteers that spans the Hudson Valley. The program transports leftover food to those who need it by connecting volunteers with donors and receiving agencies...READ MORE


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