Past Projects

Moxie Ridge Farm

In the late fall of 2016 Moxie Ridge farm was formed, although she has only recently moved on to the land.  She heard about the land through Farm Link and American Farmland Trust, but did not have the capital or the credit to purchase it. Hennessy reached out to the Agricultural Stewardship Association, a non-profit land trust, and they referred her to Dirt Capital Partners, a private company whose mission is to preserve farmland and support small farmers.  Dirt Capital Partners then urged her to get in touch with HVADC, at which point Hennessy began participating in the Incubator Without Walls (IWW) program. 

Hennessy states that IWW was absolutely crucial to obtaining the Moxie Ridge property and business. Although she has a background in business, marketing and goat dairy management, she did not have a lot of capital.  IWW connected Hennessy with business consultants

 and through working with them she was able to figure out how to sustainably scale up her business to support her full time. The consultant helped her pitch and present ideas to Dirt Capital Partners, which ultimately resulted in a successful offer on the farm and the business.