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To participate in this program, farms must:

  • Become third-­‐party certified that Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are being implemented, mainly that food products are produced,packed, handled, and stored as safely as possible, reducingthe chances of microbial contamination

  • Develop an Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) plan with their County’s Soil and Water Conservation District.



Eligible Agricultural Producers

  • Must be commercial operations producing an agricultural product and are located wholly within New York State.

  • Agricultural products include (but are not limited to): Fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy products, meat products, poultry products, fish products, grain products, honey, nuts

Funding Available to Agricultural Producers

  • Up to 90% of the total project cost not to exceed $50,000 will be made available to eligible agricultural producers.

  • Eligible agricultural producers must provide at least 10% of the total project cost. Eligible matching funds include cash, grants or loans.

Eligible Costs   

Capital costs of meeting food safety standards such as:

Machinery, Equipment, Construction, Acquisition of buildings


Ineligible Costs

Working Capital, Purchase of land

Agricultural producers receiving funding through this program will be required to participate in the New York State Grown & Certified Program.

Awardees will have 5 years from the date of execution of a contract to spend all programs funds.

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