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Meat Production 


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Course: April 5, 2018,  Site Visit:: May 3, 2018

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Outline – Considerations for your Sheep Meat Production


  • Assess your resources.

  • Determine your goals.

  • Educate yourself.

  • Develop a marketing plan and work backwards.

  • Select a breed that matches your marketing goals.

  • Getting Started—The Shepherd’s Calendar.

  • The Harris Farm Model.

  • Questions and Discussion.


Presenter: Kathleen Harris


Kathleen Harris has farmed all of her life. A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Animal Production, Kathleen worked for seven years as a licensed livestock grader and marketing specialist for NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets. Afterwards she and her family developed a successful farm business raising lamb and pork and direct marketing their products at farmer's markets and high end restaurants in upstate New York and New York City. From 2005-2017 she served as the Processing and Marketing Coordinator for the Northeast Livestock Processing Service Company (NELPSC) where she assisted 200 livestock farmers with their processing and marketing needs. She presently serves as a consultant in the areas of Livestock Slaughter, Processing, Marketing and Production, while she sheep farms with her husband in Sprakers, New York.