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Food Donation and Gleaning

Donating Your Harvest to Support Hungry New Yorkers

Through community action, the coordination of food distribution, public investment in emergency food sites and recent State legislation, New Yorkers are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to the bounty grown and harvested in the state.

FeedHV, a project of HVADC, is the Hudson Valley's food rescue and donation network. FeedHV accepts donations from food establishments including restaurants, cafes, bakeries, caterers, corporate dining rooms, wholesalers, manufacturers, hotels and institutions such as hospitals and universities. Our volunteer network picks up donations and transports them to food pantries and mutual aid organizations.

If you have a donation of less than 2 pallets in size, our community network can recover and deliver the food to local feeding programs! Contact for more information. 


If you have more than 2 pallets of food available for a single pick-up, please click here for more information.

Learn more about FeedHV, and find out how you can get involved as a volunteer or donor. 


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