Past Projects

Battenkill Fibers


Battenkill Fibers is a carding and spinning mill that manufactures artisan quality premium knitting yarns using transitional semi-worsted milling machinery. They provide value-added, custom carding and spinning for fiber farms and manufacture yarn and fiber products for wholesale and retail markets. The mill receives wool and fiber for processing from over 350 farms, but has limited production capacity due to equipment and space constraints which prevent the mill from meeting the needs of their customers.


Battenkill needed to expand in order to be competitive at both local and national markets. The project would expand the operations of Battenkill Fibers through the addition of specialized equipment and provide working capital to allow them to purchase locally-sourced wool, alpaca, and mohair fleece. In order to fund the project, Battenkill needed to apply for a RBEG grant. As a functioning non-profit, HVADC was able to apply for the grant on Battenkill’s behalf and assume responsibility for providing oversight and technical assistance to ensure the successful execution of the expansion.


The additions will allow Battenkill Fibers to utilize more local fiber in manufacturing yarn for national customers and be more competitive in bidding on these jobs. The company will also be able to provide higher quality value-added products for its farm-based customers and local farms will have a better market for their lower quality fleeces.