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HVADC CDFI Advisory Group:
Kate Arding

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Kate Arding, co-owner of the recently expanded Talbott and Arding specialty food shop in Hudson learned all about the perils of securing funding when she and partner Mona Talbott upgraded from their original tiny storefront to their new 8,000 square foot market last July. Operating in Hudson’s diverse community has also made her aware of the historic and persisting inequity in the lending industry. Her compassion, creativity and business acumen make Arding a fantastic addition to the advisory group for HVADC’s Community Development Financial Institution Fund (CDFI Fund).

The CDFI Fund, a program of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, plays an important role in generating economic growth and opportunity in America’s historically disadvantaged communities. The fund offers tailored resources and innovative programs that invest federal dollars alongside private sector capital in mission-driven institutions that take a market-based approach to supporting economically disadvantaged communities. These CDFI certified mission-driven organizations, including HVADC, are able to inject new sources of capital into neighborhoods that lack access to financing and provide Business Technical assistance to small businesses. The advisory group and its members are tasked with assessing funding applications and seeking potential program recipients. That is why it is so important that members be invested business community members with strong local ties. Arding more than fits the bill. 

“Kate is a tremendous asset to the advisory group,” said Mary Ann Johnson, Deputy Director, HVADC. “She knows what it is like to try to secure funding for a food business and she knows what HVADC brings to the economic development of farmers and food producers in the Valley.”

“There are two aspects to this from where I stand,” said Arding about why she was enthusiastic about joining the group. “One: I’ve always been a huge admirer of HVADC and the way they support farmers and food businesses. And two: when we were going through this enormous expansion (at Talbott and Arding), on the heels of COVID, we were looking for additional funding and investment and it was not easy. We went from a store the size of a postage stamp to 8,000 square feet! I’d never done anything like it before.”

“HVADC was extremely helpful,” she continued. “I fervently believe in giving back so if I can help HVADC in any way help others I am happy to do that. What goes around comes around.” HVADC provided Talbott & Arding with a loan as part of their financing package to complete the Allen Street move through its Agribusiness Loan Fund Program, along with CEDC, Grow America Fund and Capital Region Advancement Fund. 

Arding said that while her business is high-end, they work directly with farmers and producers. She and Talbott showcase the hard work and high quality of the food grown and crafted throughout the Hudson Valley and present it with the care and reverence it deserves. Arding said she’s always viewed herself as an aggregator for producers. She hopes her work with the CDFI Fund Advisory Group can support the food entrepreneurs she loves to highlight in her shop. 

“The work HVADC does is very tangible it’s very real,” Arding said. “Todd [Erling, Executive Director] and Mary Ann are phenomenal. Farmers are not always business people. I can tell you it is such a relief to have the CDFI available to those who need it.” 

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