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The 2022 HVADC Cultivator

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December 2022

- HVADC Client: Catskill Quality Meats

- HVADC Program: FeedHV Partnership with Scenic Hudson Prioritizes Equity

- HVADC People: Linnette Diaz

November 2022

- HVADC Client Update: Vital Eats

- HVADC CDFI Advisory Group: John Gilstrap

October 2022

- HVADC Client: Stone House Farm

- HVADC Client: Tivoli Mushrooms

- HVADC Participation: 2022 NASDA Annual Meeting


September 2022

- HVADC Involvement: Business of Cannabis Forum

- Regional News: Farm Bill Listening Sessions

- HVADC People: Duane Stanton

August 2022

- HVADC Client Update: Milestone Mill

- HVADC CDFI Advisory Group: Kate Arding

- HVADC Program: FeedHV School Food Rescue


June 2022

- HVADC Client Update: Letterbox Farm

- HVADC Partner Profile: CCE Sullivan County

- HVADC CDFI Advisory Group: Elizabeth Druback-Celaya

May 2022

- HVADC Client Update: Noble Pies

- HVADC Client Update: Murray's Chicken

- HVADC Involvement: FEED Webinar Series


April 2022

- HVADC Client Update: Mountain Winds Farm

- HVADC Client Update: Hearty Roots Farm

- HVADC Involvement: Agriculture in the New York Climate Act


March 2022

- HVADC Client Update: Argyle Cheese Farmer

- HVADC Client Update: The Berry Patch

- HVADC People: Christopher Braccia 


February 2022

- HVADC Involvement: Orange County Farmland Succession Planning Workshop

- HVADC Program: 2021 FeedHV Results

- HVADC CDFI Advisory Group: Brandon Walker 

January 2022

- HVADC Client Update: Row By Row Farm

- HVADC Client Update: Raven and Boar Farm

- HVADC People: Avalon Bunge



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