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The 2021 HVADC Cultivator

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December 2021

- HVADC CDFI Advisory Group: Tamika Dunkley

- HVADC Client Update: MX Morningstar Farm

- HVADC Involvement: National Farm Viability Conference


November 2021

- HVADC BTA Client: Shaker Creek Farm

- HVADC Loan Client: Klocke Estate

- HVADC BTA Client: Branchwater Farms

October 2021

- HVADC Client: Freedom Hill Farm

- FFFA Peer Follow-Up: Atina Foods Looks to Expand Holistically

- HVADC Board Member: Dennis Doyle

September 2021

- HVADC Client: Booth’s Blend Composting

- HVADC Goes to Bat for BTA: Mr. Erling Goes to Washington (Virtually)

August 2021

**Off For the Growing Season**

July 2021

- HVADC Client Doubleheader: SunRunner Farm & Four Corners Community Farm

- HVADC Client: Seminary Hill Orchard

- HVADC Partner: UlsterCorps' Beth Albright

June 2021

- HVADC Client: Talbott and Arding

- HVADC Involvement: Hudson Valley Food Systems Coalition Farm to Food Access Survey

- HVADC Involvement: Agricultural Viability Alliance

May 2021

- HVADC Involvement: Hawthorne Valley Farm

- HVADC Leads Statewide Dialog on Future of New York Cannabis Industry

- HVADC Board Member: David Church

April 2021

- HVADC Client Spotlight: Ma & Pa Creamery

- HVADC Involvement: The Agricultural Viability Alliance

March 2021

- HVADC Client Spotlight: Gade Farm

- HVADC Partner Spotlight: Steve Rosenberg

- HVADC Initiative: Eastern Broccoli Market Opportunity Assessment Project

February 2021

- HVADC Client Spotlight: Goshen Green Farm

- HVADC Partner Spotlight: Washington County's Laura Oswald

- HVADC Program: FeedHV Distributes 70,288 Pounds of Dairy Products


January 2021

- HVADC Client Spotlight: Tiashoke Farms

- HVADC Advisor Spotlight: Greg Mruk

- HVADC Board Member: Walter Garigliano


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