The 2019 HVADC Cultivator

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December 2019

 - FFFA Peer Spotlight: Prospect Hill Orchards

 - HVADC Client Spotlight: Noble Pies hits QVC

 - HVADC Involvement: Hudson Valley Hemp


November 2019

 - Third Farm and Food Funding Accelerator Participants Announced

 - HVADC Initiatives: Developing Food Security in the Hudson Valley

 - HVADC on the Road

October 2019

 - FFFA Participant: Veeda Holi Hydration

 - HVADC Client Spotlight: Wild Hive Farm

 - HVADC Involvement: Catskills Food Hub

September 2019

 - FFFA Participant: Battenkill Valley Farm

 - HVADC Client Spotlight: MX Morningstar Farm

 - HVADC Involvement: 2019 National Farm Viability Conference

August 2019

 - FFFA Participant: Gray Family Farm

 - Grown and Certified Producer Grant Awards

 - HVADC on the Road

 - 2019-2020 Farm and Food Funding Accelerator Now Accepting Applications

July 2019

 - FFFA Participant: Local Artisan Bakery

 - HVADC Client Spotlight: Hudson Valley Fisheries

 - HVADC Partner Spotlight: Vermont Farm and Forest Viability Program


June 2019

 - FFFA Participant: Farmer & Baker

 - HVADC Client Spotlight: Owl Wood Farm

 - HVADC Partner Spotlight: Megan Harris-Pero


May 2019

 - FFFA Participant: Berle Farm

 - HVADC Involvement: National Farm Viability Conference

 - HVADC On the Road: Mary Ann Johnson

April 2019

 - FFFA Participant: Phoenicia Honey

 - HVADC Client Spotlight: Noble Pies

 - HVADC Involvement: New York Grown for New York Kids

March 2019

 - FFFA Participant: J.S.K. Cattle Company, LLC

 - Mid-Hudson Valley Sustainability Plan

 - Thunder View Farms Awarded Environmental Award

 - Lavenlair Farm & Argyle Cheese Factory LLC win SUNY Adirondack Competition

February 2019

 - FFFA Participant: Miracle Springs Farm

 - HVADC Client Spotlight: Dutchess Creamery & Del's Dairy Farm

 - HVADC Project: Agriculture Loan Fund Program

January 2019

 - FFFA Participant: Nimai Gupta of Gopal Farm

 - HVADC Involvement: Value Added Producer Grant Recipients

 - HVADC on the Road