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The 2018 HVADC Cultivator

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December 2018

  - Hudson Valley Farm and Food Funding Accelerator Participants Announced

  - Harlem Valley Farm and Food Alliance

  - HVADC Partner Spotlight: Taste NY

November 2018

  - HVADC Client Spotlight: Stap Dairy

  - Meet HVADC Consultant: Jason Foscolo

  - HVADC Program: Hudson Valley Bounty

October 2018

  - HVADC Client Spotlight: Locust Grove Smokehouse

  - HVADC Partner Spotlight: NESAWG

  - HVADC on the Road

September 2018

  - HVADC Client Spotlight: Seminary Hill Orchards

  - Sylke Chesterfield Named FFFA Project Manager

  - HVADC Partner Spotlight: Grown and Certified

August 2018

  - HVADC Client Spotlight: Westwind Orchard

  - HVADC Program Spotlight: FeedHV

  - FFFA Accelerator Deadline Approaching

July 2018


  - HVADC Client and Partner Spotlight:

    Laughing Earth Farm and Agricultural Stewardship Association

  - HVADC Client Spotlight: Olde York Farm

  - HVADC on the Road

June 2018


  - Meet HVADC Consultant: Brian Zweig

  - Unprecedented Hail and Winds Wreak Hovac on Hudson Valley Farms

  - HVADC's Local Lamb Lessons Series Wrap-Up

May 2018


 - HVADC Client Spotlight: Pennings Farm

 - HVADC Involvement: County Agricultural Implementation Plan

 - Meet HVADC Consultant: Dennis Moore

April 2018


 - HVADC Client Spotlight: Hudson Valley Seed Company

 - HVADC Involvement: The FINYS Public Plate Report

 - HVADC on the Road

​March 2018


 - HVADC Client Spotlight: Battenkill Fibers

 - HVADC Partner: Poughkeepsie Farm Project

 - HVADC and Carrot Project Partner to Produce Workshops

February 2018

- HVADC Collaboration: Bethel Creamery

- HVADC Supporting Food Assessment System Research

January 2018


 - HVADC Client Spotlight: Sycamore Farms

 - Federal Funding Awarded for HVADC Accelerator Program

 - New York State Announces Funding to Assist Farms with Food Safety     

   Implementation Planning

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